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The ‘must have shoes’ for Autumn

We're definitely going through an in-between season where the confusion over what to wear is evident as the weather still alternates between hot and rainy. The 'clothes' case is easier since a cardigan will save you this season, but the same is not applicable for the shoes.

Wanting to always be prepared for what will follow while at the same time wanting to follow the fashion, in this article you will find the hot autumn shoes that will save you in any weather condition.

As you well know, trends come and go, but there are some pieces that remain timeless and are an investment in our wardrobe.

It is precisely these pieces that are worn more in the in-between seasons such as autumn.

They are classic and timeless; you buy them once and they stay in your wardrobe forever. Easy to wear, comfortable and stylish, they deserve a place in your wardrobe forever. Yes, we are talking about sneakers. You can wear them from the morning to work or school, to going out with your friends in the evening. You will wear them with denim pants and skirts, with the light dresses you have for this particular season, but also with your overalls, of course, which continue to be at the top of the trends, with the sporty look being a favourite of all fashionistas.

It is also a classic choice for all men's looks. For men there are many options like the sneaker type shoes which are the classic all-time loafers.

Another big trend that started and prevailed dynamically in the last two years is the loafers! Subtly balancing between androgynous and girly, loafers are back among the top trends for this year as well. Loafers are the ideal addition that will upgrade your everyday ensembles in one go. These shoes will makes you feel safe, because they are so stylish that they can take off a look on their own. They will go perfectly with an androgynous look, give a touch of office look to your high-waisted trousers combined with a sweater and give a sophisticated touch to a simple everyday dress.

You will have noticed that lately sports shoes have become a very big trend!

You may have previously only combined them with sports looks, nevertheless, in recent years they have been worn at all hours from morning to night giving a comfortable and at the same time very fashionable look for women and men!

With the rise of the balletcore trend

that went viral on social media, as well as their presence on the runways for Fall/Winter 2023-2024, you can easily understand how this shoe will star in the new season. And of course we're talking about ballet flats(ballerina), which are also a timeless piece that you'll wear again and again. It is one of the most comfortable and stylish shoes in a woman's wardrobe. They are combined with denim pants, skirts and dresses.

These shoes are the must-have shoes for your fall collection as they will never go out of style. On the other hand, regardless of the trends and timelessness of the pieces, if you find something that you like, that you support and that is comfortable, it should undoubtedly be in your wardrobe. You can find many new pieces either online or in physical Shoebox stores.

However, if you want to always be on topic, you can get one of the above shoes that will make you white-faced this fall.