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The Best Boots And Skirts Combos For This Winter

Boots are a timeless piece for everyone’s wardrobe.

They are functional and charming, while also maintaining a lasting sense of style and comfort. Boots can be versatile, as they are not only limited as winter essentials to provide warmth, and can be worn throughout the year with a variety of stylish combinations. The runway catwalks and street style looks have been captivated by the elegance and practicality of boots, especially when combined with skirts. 

Styling a skirt with boots is a seamless blend of trends.

Skirts are no longer just a summer must-have, but an all-year-round essential, just like boots. Depending on the length and material of either piece and your overall look aesthetic, you can create boundless styling opportunities that will capture everyone’s attention and elevate your own sense of style. 

We’ve gathered our favourite flawless boots and skirts pairings that you can easily recreate to instantly transform your look. 

Chunky Ankle Boots


Chunky ankle boots are a must-have, and have become very popular in recent years. The grunge aesthetic of the chunky sole is rather appealing and these boots are so versatile that they can be worn with pretty much anything to create a funky look. For a trailblazing style moment, combine your chunky ankle boots with a mini tweed skirt and a midi corduroy or  even satin skirt. 

Flat or High-Heeled Knee Boots

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Knee boots are an all-time classic and favourite choice. A must-have for every woman’s wardrobe that offers incredible style and can be adjusted to all kinds of looks. Match them up with any mini skirt, either leather or plaid, and even a midi slip skirt and elevate your style to a whole new level!

Flat Knee Boots 

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Flat knee boots are easy to wear and flexible to dress up. Especially if they have a chunky sole that instantly adds a sense of conviction to your style. You can pair them up with a mini black or printed skirt, or even a leopard midi skirt, and stroll the streets with ease and comfort!

High-Heeled Ankle Boots

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High-heeled ankle boots were made for the perfect evening look! A thick heel will give you the comfort you are looking for and the style you crave! A pleated midi skirt can be the ultimate combo to try out with your high-heeled ankle boots. And even consider a wrap midi or mini skirt for all your dinner outings and celebrations.

Ankle Boots

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Laced-up ankle boots are the ultimate fashion piece for both style and cosiness. If comfort is what you are looking for in your casual day office look and weekend strolls, then pair your ankle boots with a knitted midi skirt and impress everyone with the effortlessness of your look!

Over The Knee Boots


Over the knee boots have taken fashion by storm. They have become an instant chic piece, with a slimming and lengthening effect and they also add a sense of confidence to every look. Dress them up with a suede or denim mini skirt and an oversized blazer for a completely fearless and relaxed look. And for an over the knee vinyl black stiletto boot, go with a leather mini skirt and captivate everyone with an empowering total-black look.

There’s a perfect boots and skirt combo in everyone’s wardrobe, waiting to be worn and strolled down the streets with complete confidence and an elevated sense of style!