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 4+1 shoes that will be comfortable for all your activities

Vacations are that time of year that we look forward to relax and enjoy the sun. The most important element in your look that will probably offer you the most comfort is your shoes. A woman should be able to wear them all day long, at work (if she is working during this period), outings and wherever else she has to go without waiting to get home to take them off.

In this article we have highlighted 4+1 shoes that will be comfortable for all your activities you have on your schedule this summer.

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1. Sandals

The one and only classic sandal, the most summer shoe, the shoe that this season has its due. Slide sandals or sliders are the ideal choice for summer days, since they can match with all your outfits, whether you combine them with a dress, skirt or linen pants. The sliders can be worn from the morning in casual occasions to the evening for a relaxed drink on the island.

2. High heel Sandals

Perhaps we are talking about the most elegant and sexiest shoes, because they highlight and flatter women's legs. The sandals are the perfect choice for your evening outings and for, while depending on the height of the heel they can stand worthy at morning events and of course at work.

3. Espadrilles

Espadrilles are also a summer must-have. It is a choice that can stand in all your looks from morning to night due to their wide variety of designs and colors. It will be worn both on your morning errands in the city center and on your walk around the island. Even as a wedding guest it will be a very correct and save choice. At the same time, espadrilles will be worn a lot in transitional seasons such as Spring and Autumn, when you don't want completely closed shoes, but neither too open shoes.

4. Mules

Another very feminine and elegant option are mules. Mules combine elegance and comfort and give you the possibility of flexibility, as it does not limit you in terms of where you will go, what time and what outfit you will wear.


4+1. Sneakers

Τα sneakers είναι με σιγουρία τα all time classics στην ντουλάπα της κάθε γυναίκας. Φοριούνται σε όλες τις εποχές ακόμα και το καλοκαίρι όταν ταξιδεύεις, σε μια βόλτα με πολύ περπάτημα ή επειδή ταιριάζουν σχεδόν με όλα σας τα outfit .