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Event season is here – Part 2: The perfect color blocking!

You must have heard the term ‘color blocking’.

It is a fashion trend that involves mixing two, three or more bold colors and different shades. Most women avoid color blocking in order not to make mistakes or look exaggerated.

But it is a trend that requires boldness and creativity and can lead you to very impressive looks.

Shoes are one piece of your ensemble that can guide you to adopt this trend more easily. Therefore, do not hesitate to experiment and create unique colorful ensembles.

There are 3 different types of color blocking:

1. Monochrome color blocking

Mix different tones (dark and light tones) of the same color or create a monochromatic look. It's definitely a look that won't go unnoticed. Monochrome color blocking sets can be combined with the same color shoes or with black or white.

2. Color blocking with colors from the same color family

Combine two or more such as red and pink, yellow and green or dark blue and purple. This is also an easy way to color block looks with impressive ensembles.

3. Color blocking with complementary colors

In this method, you combine two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel, such as blue with orange, red with green, or yellow with purple. This way you can create a very bold and intense color blocking look.

This year, shoebox has included a lot of color in its summer collection, and it can give you inspiration to create these types of looks.

At this point we will show you, according on the 3 different types of color blocking, how to combine the colored sandals in your outfits.

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