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Event season is here – Part 1: The perfect pair of shoes

Wedding and christening period is here and surely you will be invited somewhere.

Looking for clothes is very stressful and a big "hassle" for both women and men, because everyone wants to be impressive on such a special day! Finding the right look often takes time and effort.

Wedding guest Outfit
Christening guest outfit

Christenings may require a certain degree of formality, but they certainly don't have as limited a range of options as weddings. Especially if you are just a guest, it doesn't concern you personally and in terms of kinship, you can choose an outfit with very basic clothes from your wardrobe, but making smart combinations and choosing special shoes.

Shoes and accessories will play a very big role in this image.

 In this article we will recommend the best pairs that will help you highlight and upgrade your look for all the important events you have.

Dresses are definitely the most common choice in summer for christenings and weddings.

Prefer dresses that are the fashion trends for this year, such as midi dresses in bright colors but also dresses with cut-outs, so that you can wear them outside of baptisms, especially at weddings. Bright colors in dresses such as green, fuchsia, purple are the big trend of the season, even in shoes.

Ps: Combine the most special pairs of shoes with quieter/simple dresses or more special dresses with simpler shoes.

Another option for wedding event is the skirt.

Whatever skirt is in your wardrobe, there is definitely the right shoe to match it properly, so that it can be worn with elegance even at a formal event such as a wedding.

A printed midi skirt or a skirt with glitter or sequins, combined with a white shirt and a pair of minimal sandals is a chic, alternative and safe choice for a wedding.

The skirt in any length and fabric with the right shoe can also be easily worn to a christening.

Baptisms are your chance to escape a little stylistically - unlike weddings - because you have more options.

Pants are a very common choice for baptisms.

You can easily transform them with the matching top and chic accessories. A pastel suit set made of light fabrics, can be comfortably worn at any formal summer event.

A jumpsuit in the right fabric and design is another formal choice and with the right shoes it can do both.

Vests this year are the coolest option for tops.

Combine them with well-tailored trousers for an ultra chic look.

Add a bright note to your look with a pair of shoes that will take off any simple or more special outfit.


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