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6+1 Shoe trends for Spring 2023

Spring is always the transitional period from the coldest to the warmest days and at the same time the season that confuses you about what exactly to wear.

Spring certainly signals the rush for new purchases and renewal of your wardrobe.

Fashion weeks have already started and we are taking notes on which trends will dominate shoes this Spring. In this article you will find ideas and inspiration for the purchases you are about to make.

1. By far, the biggest shoe trend right now is ballet flats.

At New York and Copenhagen Fashion Week, the Spring/Summer 2023 shows demonstrated this piece as the dominant piece of the season. After spending the winter months in boots and woolen socks, a simple pair of ballet flats might be just what you need.

They are among the most comfortable pieces on the market, they make us dream of our childhood years and they are completely timeless.

Shoes with a collegiate aesthetic have become a true object of desire in recent seasons.

2. The loafers that were worn last year so much will continue to be popular this year.

From classic to two-tone and those with chunky soles, loafers are one of the most desirable and sought-after flat styles for this season as well.

Instagram @vlachouin
Instagram @vlachouin
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3. Another Spring trend is low-heeled shoes (or kitten heels) which go hand in hand with the comfort that is currently in fashion.

Sophisticated and comfortable, they manage to enhance any look, no matter how simple. And the best; They are perfect to wear from morning to night.

Orange Kitten heels
Green Kitten heels
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4. Remember the knee-high lace-up sandals?

On the runways we saw many different pieces, some for everyday and some for-evening occasions, all with this detail. It may take a little more effort to tie them but the look will pay off.

It is one of the pieces that is quite feminine since it hugs the calf.

It is also an item that you can create a style since in previous years we saw you tie it over jeans creating street style fashionable images.

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5. From winter fashion to Spring trends, sneakers are great and will continue to be popular this season as well.

Ideal choice for your airport, office, tours and trips that have infinite walking.

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White Sneakers
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Source: Instagram @emitaz

6. Visually, they will remind you of your father's Merrells, or your typical Birkenstocks or Crocs.

Perhaps one of the most unusual and strange styles in shoes. They are quite special pieces and are worn by people with a special style who are not afraid to experiment with their style. So, this year clogs will claim a place in the spotlight.

They are a combination of comfort, orthotic support and high fashion. Think about it since it's another trend for this year.

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Black clogs

As we already mentioned Spring is a transitional period where you are gradually leaving the cold winter months and you are not ready for open sandals, this trend will be your best friend.

6+1 You will see how boots continue to be worn with more spring clothes and even create very stylish looks.

Echoing this season's other shoe trends, pointy toe western boots are truly a standout item this spring. And somewhere around here, slouchy boots are also coming back to give special and stylistically strong combinations.

So now that you've learned what the Spring must-haves for 2023 are, you can do your shopping and create the most stylish looks with the most fashionable shoes of the season.

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