5 Tips to Extend Your Sneakers’ Life

  1. Remove your sneakers by hand

How many of you are removing your sneakers normally? Untying our sneakers is a good habit, that avoids the stretching or bending our shoes and helps them stay in shape and last longer.

  1. Invest in two or more pairs of sneakers

Did you know that wearing your sneakers on a rotating schedule can even double their life? Use this strategy if you are used to different types of workouts and give the foam in your shoes time to recover and return to its normal size and function between your workouts.

  1. Change your sneakers

Most of us wear our sneakers for post-workout activities. A useful tip to increase your sneakers’ life is to switch to another pair of shoes before you step outside the gym.

  1. Avoid the washing machine

The soaking never helps the sole or arch support construction to remain in shape. Use a shoe foaming cleanser and an old toothbrush to keep the outside of your sneakers clean and try baking soda or other dry deodorizing products for the inside.

  1. Also, avoid the dryer

Wet shoes are a great source of odour-causing bacteria. Never forget that heat can damage your sneakers, so try to dry them out by stuffing them with newspapers, that absorb more water. Replace the newspaper every few hours until your shoes are completely dry.