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4+1 sandals that you must take with you on your holiday in Cyprus

What if you haven't booked a vacation yet? Don't jump, we live on an island!

Cyprus is a paradise on earth and you can have fantastic holidays in all the cities as if you were on an exotic island.

As we have said before, summer is a more carefree time. On vacation, we want to be comfortable and relaxed and stylish at the same time. One would say that sneakers are the most convenient option, but in the summer we usually dedicate it to sandals that put us directly in a more summery mood.

In this article we have singled out the most stylish sandals and show you which ones you should have with you on your summer excursions throughout Cyprus.

1 - Flip Flops on!

If you had to choose just one pair of shoes to choose for your holidays in Protaras with its wonderful beaches, then it would be a pair of flip flops, which will be your everyday chic choice for beach looks. Flip flops are associated with summer like no other shoe. In recent years, they have diversified both in designs, in details and in colours that make them statement pieces, which can be incorporated into both morning and evening looks, saving us precious time and space in the suitcase.

HOTMARZ Flip flops
REVERSE Embellished flip-flops
HOTMARZ Flip flops

2 - Comfy slide sandals

Another classic option that is also linked to summer looks like your leisurely walks in Paphos are the flat sandals, slipper type. They offer comfort and style without trying too hard. They can be combined with many more looks than you think and in recent years they are an integral part of the street style looks of many fashionistas. Especially the flat slippers with sparkling details are the ultimate shoe for your afternoon stroll on the harbor that will end with a relaxed drink in the evening.

Coo Flat Sandals
Beira Rio Flat Slide Sandals
Coo Flat Sandals with buckle

3 - High on flatforms

In recent years, in addition to the classic summer slippers that are the most common choice, the most eccentric and fashionable sandals with a low flatform have started to be worn a lot. Although not the most flattering shoe, chunkier flatform sandals have already earned their place in it girls' wardrobes because they are the most comfortable and stable. It is also an option that will give you some height in your looks instead of a heel.

Miss Belgini Flatform Sandals
Coo Flatform Sandals
NAZELI Flatform mules

4 - Lace up sandals

Another sandal that you must have on your vacation in Ayia Napa for both your morning and evening looks are the ancient Greek style flat sandals. A timeless and classic choice, which every year dominates the summer looks without ever being considered old school. The flat sandals that tie with straps that either tie at the ankle or higher on the calf, will offer a more feminine character to your looks. It is a sexy option that goes perfectly with short denim shorts for your morning outings but also with your short dresses for more afternoon/evening looks.

TRQZ X SHOEBOX lace up flat sandals
Miss Belgini Flatform lace up Sandals
TRQZ x SHOEBOX lace up flatform sandals

4+1 - Chic in espadrille

If you plan to spend your holidays in Limassol and you need both casual and more evening looks, then the best choice is shoes with a high, thick heel or a high sole. You will combine these with many occasions because they give elegance, height, but comfort, without necessarily being too formal. Flat espadrilles are also an elegant yet casual solution that we would recommend to any woman who does not want to sacrifice her elegance.

Tabita Wedge High Sandals
Miss Belgini Wedge High Pumps
Miss Belgini Wedge High Sandals

Don't wait any longer, now is the time to do your shopping and get ready for your vacation on our island.

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